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Antonio Laganà, Full Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry, former Director of the Computer Center and of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Perugia, former President of the Computational and Theoretical Chemistry Division and member of the Executive Board of EuCheMS, former President of ECTN, former Chair of the COST Chemistry European Initiative, is at present an Associate Researcher at ISTM-CNR,  Chair of the Virtual Education Community standing Committee of ECTN and CEO of Master-UP srl.
His primary research activities are: the quantum, semiclassical and quasiclassical investigation of reactive and non reactive properties of elementary processes; parallel, distributed and cloud scientific computing; research and technology transfer to marketable innovation for renewable energy applications; learning objects and e-tests design for molecular science.
He has been visiting Professor at several Universities, International Research and Computer Centers. He has published more than 400 papers on international journals and written 10 books.



Antonio Laganà
University of Perugia
Via Elce di Sotto, 8
06123 - Perugia

Phone: +39 585 5527, +39 328 2435094

E-mail: lagana05 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Skype: lagana_05


Selected publications:

  • "Methane production by CO2 hydrogenation reaction with and without solid phase catalysis" Falcinelli, S.; Capriccioli, A.; Pirani, F.; Vecchiocattivi, F.; Stranges, S.; Martì, C.; Nicoziani, A.; Topini, E.; Laganà, A.;FUEL 2017, 209, 802-811. (link)
  • "A dynamics investigation of the C + CH+ → C2+ + H reaction on an ab initio bond-order like potential" Pacifici, L.; Pastore, M.; Garcia, E.; Laganà, A.; Rampino, S.;The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2016, 120, 5125-5135. (link
  • "Energy transfer dynamics and kinetics of elementary processes (promoted) by gas-phase CO2-N2 collisions: Selectivity control by the anisotropy of the interaction." Lombardi, A.; Pirani, F.; Laganà, A.; Bartolomei M.; J Comput Chem. 2016, 37, 1463-1475. (link)

Permanent Members

paola bn2

Paola Belanzoni
(Associate Professor)
University of Perugia

leonardo bn

Leonardo Belpassi
(Research Scientist)
National Research Council

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Olivia Bizzarri
National Research Council

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Stefano Crocchianti
(Research Scientist)
University of Perugia

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Gabriele Cruciani 
(Full Professor)
University of Perugia

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Filippo De Angelis
(Senior Research Scientist)
National Research Council

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Noelia Faginas Lago
(Research Scientist)
University of Perugia

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Simona Fantacci
(Senior Research Scientist)
National Research Council

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Laura Goracci
(Research Scientist)
University of Perugia

lagana bn2

Antonio Laganà
(Full Professor)

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Andrea Lombardi
(Research Scientist)
University of Perugia

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Edoardo Mosconi
(Research Scientist)
National Research Council

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Francesca Nunzi
(Research Scientist)
University of Perugia

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Francesco Tarantelli
(Full Professor)
University of Perugia

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Sara Tortorella
(Research Scientist)
Molecular Horizon

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Giuseppe Vitillaro
(Senior Technologist)
National Research Council


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April 23, 2018 (3,15 pm)

Seminars, Dr. Sergei Manzhos
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July 2 - 5, 2018

18th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2018).
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Paper submission deadline extended to March 15, 2018

3-29 Sept 2018

Intensive Course TCCM Master in Perugia, Italy.

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4th International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO-2018) in Lausanne, Switzerland.